About Maribaal Clothing

Company Overview

Maribaal Clothing is a handmade high quality fashion line made with an artist's attention to detail with great care to last a long time. We use leathers, rubber, fabrics, metal, and other materials made to last. Synthetic leathers are indicated as manmade. We are working towards plant based leathers.

Founding Date

Started 2001 est. 2005


A bit about Eirik our designer. He is a San Francisco born artist that added fashion and costume design to his repertoire.
He has work(ed) for T.V., film, and music companies in Hollywood and abroad. His influences are science fiction, music, and art.


Alternative wearable art for rockers, cyberpunks, clubbers, goths, festival goers and supervillains. Jackets, corsets, harnesses, masks, cuffs, head wear, chokers, collars, pouches, armor, and more!